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Two Wings Enable Me to Fly
The Lebanese-born, Zurich-based painter and classical musician Ribal Molaeb talks to Artscoops about harmonising his two beloved practices and the pros and cons of having a famous artist as a father     You’ve spoken about the influence that your musical education has had on your painting. Do you find music and art complement each other or do...
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Magazine: Today’s Talent in a Yesteryear Setting, image alt
Today’s Talent in a Yesteryear Setting
Showcasing an outstanding selection of international contemporary art against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Forever Is Now once again uses creativity and rich history to connect the past to the present. Organiser Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, founder of Art D’Égypte, tells Artscoops what visitors can expect to find at the...
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A Tale of Two Cities
“Beirut and the Golden Sixties”, which forms part of the current Lyon Biennale, titled “Manifesto of Fragility”, might have past decades as its focus, but the pervading themes, which include resilience in the face of extreme hardship, are as relevant today as ever for Lebanon, as our interview with its team reveals.Copyright: 'Blaise Adilon'   ...
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Eyes on the Prize
Gallery magazine, the quarterly publication dedicated to fine arts in Lebanon, recently announced the winners of its second Gallery Prize initiative. As the successful artists celebrated, Ramzi El Hafez, Gallery’s publisher and editor, talked to Artscoops about how the jury members arrived at their decisions and Lebanon’s ever-improving visual...
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Magazine: Bridging the gap between MENA creatives and Web3, image alt
Bridging the gap between MENA creatives and Web3
A launch event this month for OasisX, the region’s first creative NFT studio and marketplace, will highlight the key role that innovation can play in promoting inclusivity across the digital art scene and beyondOasisX’s founders, Najib Khanafer, Ramzi Mneimneh and Jimi IbrahimNon-fungible tokens (NFTs) are fast gaining a reputation as a major...
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Curating through Covid
The curator and art writer Maie El-Hage discusses the ups and downs of putting on exhibitions through the pandemic and tells us what she’s learnt from the experienceMaie El-HageHer website can be found at by Rayan HajjWith galleries shuttered, exhibitions canceled and travel at a standstill, the difficulties...
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Magazine: A deep dive into humanity, image alt
A deep dive into humanity
With emotions laid bare, etched across their faces, the iconic darwichs of the Lebanese artist Raouf Rifai continue to tell the region’s tales of happiness, heartache and humourYou have described your work as reflecting society or humanity’s transition/evolution. What specific changes that you’ve captured in your art resonate with you most...
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Magazine: Preserving the past and protecting the future, image alt
Preserving the past and protecting the future
Through their Open Crate initiative, global art experts and entrepreneurs Amina Debbiche and Nora Mansour are ushering in a new era of documentation and valorisation for the region’s art and design.Amina Debbiche and Nora MansourThere’s something incredibly satisfying about buying a piece of art you’ve fallen in love with, hanging it on the wall...
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Magazine: For our four-legged friends, image alt
For our four-legged friends
A fundraising auction of delightful works on paper will help provide much-needed support for Lebanon’s rescue animals, while also honouring the legacy of the kind-hearted and talented designer Gaïa Fodoulian There’s no doubt that Lebanon’s animals have been among the many innocent casualties of the crisis that continues to engulf the country,...
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