Forward-Thinking Curations to the Fore

VOLTA Basel once again provides an added dimension and artistic dialogue to the swiss city’s world-famous art fair.

Volta Art Fair 2022

Contemporary artists from Qazaqstan are among the ‘ones to watch’ whose work is being showcased at VOLTA Basel this year, which takes place from June 12-18 at an exciting new location in the heart of the city.

A former industrial hub, Klybeck was, in fact, chosen specially to reflect the spirit of the 2023 edition of this important event, which has diversity and an innovative approach at its heart and traditionally runs in parallel with Art Basel. 

Visitors to this year’s invitation-only VOLTA Basel will find a wonderfully rich and eclectic selection of art by 93 artists from 30 galleries located across 16 countries, showcased at Klybeck 610, an architectural jewel designed by architects Suter + Suter in 1967.

Launched in 2005 at Basel, VOLTA is known for championing both traditional markets and others farther afield in lesser-known locations, through a diverse roster of exhibitors and forward-thinking curations, and the Basel event reflects this ethos.

Life in the Basement. In Memory of Mariupol, by Saule Suleimenova

The 2023 edition, which marks VOLTA’s second event of the year, includes galleries from established art hubs, such as New York, London and Basel, featured alongside underrepresented markets that range from Qazaqstan and Malaysia to South Korea.

Female artists, such as Lyazzat Khanim, a Western Qazaqstan graduate of Parsons School of Design, are also a key focus. Having already carved out a successful career as a fashion designer, Khanim is known for producing thought-provoking art that often addresses consumerism through snapshots of simple objects that appear displaced or out of kilter. 

Saule Suleimenova is another pioneering female artist from Qazaqstan whose work is being showcased at VOLTA Basel and, like Khanim, is represented by Qazart Platform. An established talent whose art already features in the permanent collection of the Sharjah Art Foundation, among others, Suleimenova explores the construct of collective memory in her art, sometimes focusing on the semiotics associated with her homeland and its history. Titled ‘Cellophane Paintings’, her most recent series is created from used plastic bags and looks at topical socio-political issues ranging from human rights atrocities to familial ties.

TapSink by Lyazzat Khanim

Since its launch, VOLTA has successfully fostered and strengthened dialogue between collectors, galleries, scholars and artists worldwide at its art fairs, in line with its longstanding philosophy of ‘Discover. Connect. Collect.’ 

VOLTA Basel reaffirms its key position on the international art scene as a pioneering supporter of both nascent and established galleries, linking them and their artists with the collecting community. This week, VOLTA will once again also be fulfilling another of its aims, which is to provide an added dimension to the dialogues and creative output presented by Art Basel.

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