At Artscoops, we are always on the lookout for talented, contemporary artists from the Middle East and Africa to partner with, and are happy to receive submissions to present in our online auctions, providing it meets our criteria.

Our criteria

Before contacting us, please bear in mind that our primary focus is art by contemporary and modern artists either living in or from the Middle East or African countries. If you’d like us to view your artwork, simply complete our consignment form and upload a clear, good quality photo of your artwork. 
Once we’ve received your artwork, we’ll make a decision on whether it meets our criteria and are able to include it in a sale.

What happens next

One of our specialists will then contact you to explain our process, give an estimate and suggest a reserve price for your artwork. Once sale terms are agreed, we’ll prepare a consignment contract for both parties to sign.


If your artwork is sold, you will receive your payment once the buyer confirms that the work has been received in satisfactory condition.

For more information please contact us here.

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