All you need to know about ArtScoops’ auctions

ArtScoops holds regular online auctions throughout the year featuring works by established and exciting artists from across the region.

Bidding and buying via our digital platform is simple. Here’s what you need to know:



1)    Sign up

First register with ArtScoops if you have not already done so, by completing our online form, which can be accessed by clicking on Join ArtScoops To Bid box or here:




2)    Bid

Place your bid using our automatic bidding system. Simply enter an amount above or equal to the lowest available bid which will show on-screen and click on 'Place Bid' 




An automatic email will then be sent to you confirming your bid. You will also be notified if you are outbid, giving you the opportunity to increase your offer. You can increase your bid at any time while the auction is live. New minimum bids are calculated by our automatic bidding increment system. 

A full list of intervals can be found at Auction FAQ or here:




3)    Buy

Congratulations on winning a wonderful piece of art! Full details of our easy-to-follow checkout system and shipping arrangements can be found at Auction FAQs. We will also email you a confirmation and further information once your win is confirmed.



Further Information

For more details about our auctions, visit

Selling with ArtScoops
Auction FAQ

Or email ArtScoops at:

+961 (0)3 127 069

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