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Making art accessible
A new prints project, launched by Teal Editions, is looking to raise the profile of more of the Middle East’s talented artists and extend their reach to a wider audience. Teal’s founder, the Lebanese businessman and art collector Mazen Soueid, discusses the idea behind the initiative with ArtScoops, which is also a collaborative partner on the...
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For the love of learning
Layla Ibrahim Bacha,  Project Manager, Art Portfolio, at Qatar Foundation, talks to ArtScoops about the powerful, yet evolving role of public art in educating and expanding horizons‘Seeroo fi al Ardh’ installation by Maqbool Fida HusainAdmiring displays of great art is always a special treat. However, when a meticulously curated exhibition or...
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Swiss showcase for Saudi artists
VOLTA Art Fair and ATHR Foundation team up in Basel for groundbreaking collaboration ATHRIdentifying likeminded partners for collaborative projects can be a challenge, but also immensely satisfying when successful, as evidenced by the current project organised by ATHR Foundation together with VOLTA Art Fairs.The two art pioneers have teamed up...
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Magazine: On other-worldly inspiration, image alt
On other-worldly inspiration
The artist and graphic designer Nayla (Noonz) Karam talks to ArtScoops about playing ‘let’s imagine’, nomadic ways of working and exploring NFTs Have you found combining your passion for painting with a career in graphic design a challenge or do you think the two complement each other? Both. First, I found dealing with time management...
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A lifelong artistic legacy
For the Lebanese painter Joseph El Arid, the natural beauty, impressive architecture and community spirit of his birthplace have combined to provide lasting inspiration   While artists often cite fond memories of their childhood and birthplace when asked about their inspiration, the passion shown by the Lebanese painter Joseph El Arid for his...
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Magazine: On reality checks and rethinking coronations, image alt
On reality checks and rethinking coronations
The US-born, Nairobi-based artist Olivia Mae Pendergast talks to ArtScoops about seeing the light, with a little help from Modigliani, and lending a voice to the underrepresented From a fleeting expression to a flickering movement, an artist’s inspiration is known to come in many guises. For the US artist Olivia Mae Pendergast, it has always...
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Magazine: Piecing together the region’s art, image alt
Piecing together the region’s art
Art lover and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast Camille Saade is making art more accessible and democratizing it, and offering hours of brilliant brain-teasing fun at the same time, through two new offerings from her Pazel brand, as ArtScoops discoversWhile we may think of walls and shelves as the default vantage point for admiring art, there’s a lot to...
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Magazine: Below the surface, image alt
Below the surface
Much more than a tool to express her often poignant thoughts, paper accompanies the Lebanese artist Carla R. Salem on her artistic journey from start to finish, and often beyond, as ArtScoops discovers You are known for making words from diverse origins a key part of your art. What is it about lettering that interests you?I took traditional...
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Magazine: Delectable collectibles, image alt
Delectable collectibles
From fabulous, lovingly restored vintage furniture to show-stopping beaded bags, Iman Ayache’s hand-crafted creations are works of art in their own right and as individual as their lucky owners  Given that the Lebanese are famed for their entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and passion for innovation, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the...
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