LOT 47
Sarko Meené
Verum, 2020
Watercolour on canvas
126 x 86 cm

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About This Artwork

This verum painting is a unique one in the verum series. Again watercolor on canvas, with some tempera used. Usually the artist finishes work without distractions and disconnecting from the painting from start to finish, regardless of the size, but this one was interrupted 3 times and it shows in the painting as you look closely, three divisions and three days. So let us call this one three, and in three days the war will be over. The way towards universal ideas and values lies through the detachment from borders created by our mind and our Egos. The Truth lies above our heads. The higher we fly above our heads, the closer we might get to it. “Verum” is a series of watercolor paintings, a technique, rarely used on canvases. This technique gives colors a hypnotizing touch and the ability to transform

Courtesy of the Artist
Yerevan, Armenia
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  • About Sarko Meené

    Sarko Meene is an artistic alter ego of a woman, who has drastically changed her spheres of activities several times, moving from the world of professional tennis into art. Her art is filled with sense of physical aesthetics layered with metaphysical understanding of the beauty and balance between materials, textures, concepts and forms.

    Sarko uses her life as a base for approaching any topic and any idea, turning it into an aesthetically complete form. She often uses such strong and bold materials as metal, giving it the lightness one couldn't imagine to see. She approaches herself playfully, detaching from her works, giving them freedom to exist on their own.

    “I am and am not at the same time. I metamorphose constantly, leaving behind traces of the process as artworks, which then fuse into a new form and life. My art exists apart from me.” - Sarko 

    LOT 47
    Sarko Meené

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    LOT 47

    Sarko Meené



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