LOT 14
Katia Boyadjian
A dog's life, 2001
Silver print (by enlarging) on baryta chlorobromide paper
59 x 39.5 cm

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About This Artwork

A young boy and his dog, Gochavank road, Armenia

Courtesy of the Artist
Reviers, France
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  • About Katia Boyadjian

    Katia Boyadjian was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1958. From a distinguished line of Armenian / Egyptian photographers (she is the niece of the renowned photographer, Van Leo and daughter of Angelo Boyadjian), Katia Boyadjian grew up in Paris, where her father had settled after fleeing Egypt during the time of Nasser’s regime. There she met her partner, the French artist Daniel Juré, becoming his muse and model. She took up photography, creating a number of self-portraits in Juré’s studio, and revealing her intimate world to an outside audience. She has exhibited these and other works from her travels to Egypt and Armenia in numerous French Museums, including FRAC, FNAC, the National Library and Institute of the Arab World Paris, as well as international venues including the French Cultural Centre in Alexandria or Guernsey Fine Art Museum. In 2007 “Year of Armenia in France” her handcoloured painted version of "A l’ombre d’Amon" is presented at the Arab World Institute ("L’Orient des photographes arméniens") and "Journey to Armenia" at the Museum of Beaux-Arts de Caen. Her pictures have entered numerous public and private collections as Arab Fondation Image, Arab World Institute, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain.She lives and works in Reviers in Calvados in Normandy.

    LOT 14
    Katia Boyadjian
    A dog's life

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    LOT 14

    Katia Boyadjian

    A dog's life


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