LOT 64
Narineh Seferian
Մայր Հայաստան (Mayr Hayastan), 2020
Digital Screen Print
70 x 50 cm

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About This Artwork

“Մայր Հայաստան (Mayr Hayastan)” captures the unshakable pride and resilience of the Armenian people. This series exposes viewers to the triumph of the collective Armenian soul — despite the consistent, treacherous attempts to erase it. Reflections extracted from personal conversations with her late grandfather (a first-generation child affected by the 1915 Armenian Genocide) uncover the long-lasting consequences of genocide denial. The series tells the story of 1.5 million lives taken, lives that remain forgotten, and the lives of Armenians today in Artsakh that are forced to face repeated history. Through jagged brush strokes, distressed layers, and eye contact between the object and the viewer, central hemes of struggle, loss, strength, pride and perseverance are exhibited.

Courtesy of the Artist
Chicago, IL, USA
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  • About Narineh Seferian

    Narineh Seferian is an interdisciplinary artist practicing in Chicago. She received her BFA with a focus on painting from Columbia College Chicago. Heavily influenced by her Armenian upbringing, she often returns to the rich culture and history of the Armenian people for inspiration. She approaches her practice with the intention to share her stories by translating them within her work. 

    Through the experimentation of mixed media, she utilizes material as a conceptual device to focus on politics, culture, gender roles and cultivate consciousness on social justice issues. While she uses varying aesthetic styles throughout her work, her admiration for surrealism and expressionism is portrayed.

    LOT 64
    Narineh Seferian
    Մայր Հայաստան (Mayr Hayastan)

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    LOT 64

    Narineh Seferian

    Մայր Հայաստան (Mayr Hayastan)


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