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Lena Kelekian
Eternal Spring, 2021
Painting in Mixed Media, Box in Plexiglas and Accessories in Oxidized Bronze
106 x 25 x 25 cm

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About This Artwork

"The art piece which is basically a lampshade displaying on special canvas a bunch of spring flowers on green stalks with an explosion of variable hues. The symbolism of it being a source of light emphasizes what a scene of blooming flowers has in terms of positive effect on someone’s mood. Meanwhile the emergency kit is within reach but cleverly tucked inside the base of the lampshade with easy and simple access to it when needed as all it takes is to lift the shade from the rod and grab the kit inside. 

The artwork is a reflection of how I see life, full of colors, flowers blossoming bringing joy and filling people with optimism. In these days of hardship and all kinds of difficulties it is even more challenging to be optimistic or to find hope in anything around us. But without hope there is nothing. As the seasons pass and the flowers fade, dry out and fall, it is the hope of the next spring that keeps us going, that feeling of sustainability is the motor that drives us forward despite anything and everything. 

As long as there are more springs to come there is as much hope for a better tomorrow."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Lena Kelekian

    " Multidisciplinary Visual artist with styles ranging from abstract to Landscape & Floral, New Pop Art to neorealism, designer and an iconographer - restorer.
    Holds a BS in Geology from AUB; DST in Theology from ISFR, France; specialty studies in icon painting and restoration from University of London IAP, with field studies in Italy, Greece, Portugal & Spain, Ph.D. Ord. in Fine Arts & Restoration, Italy; Museum Curatorial studies from Beijing Art Academy, China. 
    Since 1992 she had 19 Private exhibitions in Museums (Museo Ses Voltes, Palma de Mallorca; Museul de Arte Cluj; Villa Audi, Beirut; Tai Miao Temple, Beijing and others) & 184 collective exhibitions, Biennales, Salons in 52 countries namely, New York, LA, Paris (SNBA Louvre), London (Barbican), Barcelona (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate’s Convention art expo), Venice (Venezia Biennale 2017), Milano, Sarajevo (Olympic Sarajevo Art Museum), Constanta ( Constanta Art Museul), Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Mexico City, Penang, Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, Muscat, Cairo, Guwahati, Dhaka, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Medellin, Lima, Quito, Rio de Janeiro (Earth Summit Art), Moscow, Madrid, Beijing (4 times selected artist at the Beijing International Art Biennale 2010-12-15-17). 
    She has received 19 gold medals and 28 Awards & distinctions namely, 2 times winner of the Olympic Fine Arts Gold medal from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, the 2006 Torino Olympic Torch and The International Olympic Committee IOC Trophy for ‘Arts & Sports 2014’ for Lebanon, Lausanne; ‘La Toile d’Or’, France 1995 among many others. 
     A university lecturer in Byzantine Art at AUB, an environmental designer for embellishing cities in cut ceramic in public places like the Ain Mreisse corniche ceramic benches, Salim Salam and Sassine tunnels, Beirut river wall, Kempinski Summerland Marina walls & public gardens and monuments. Curator and concept developer of International Art Exhibitions and a certified Art Therapist & organizer of art therapy workshops & TOT of mental wellness for the traumatized. 
    Her works are found in permanent display in 30 museums around the world. Acquisitions & commissions of her works are by Head of States, Governmental organizations, celebrities, and private art collectors. She is the brand name for all artworks of CMC Clemenceau Medical Center Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Beirut, Dubai, and Riyadh. Her works have been auctioned at Bonham’s, London, Picenum in Italy, St Porphyrios Auction and others.
    Founder/President of MEADOWS International NGO"

    LOT 26
    Lena Kelekian
    Eternal Spring

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    LOT 26

    Lena Kelekian

    Eternal Spring


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