Diana Ibrahim and Marc Haddad
 RX-140 , 2021
3D printed Resin
32 x 23 x 18.5 cm

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About This Artwork

"Rx-140: is your everyday medical prescription and your emergency go-to. ""Rx"", Latin for ""recipe"" and/or ""to take"", customarily heading a medical prescription, calls upon you to take your remedial treatment. Designed to serve as your home-medic, RX-140 carries a QR code directing you to First-Aid advice and First-Aid training.
Inspired by the metamorphic qualities of life, the intricacy of human anatomy, and the precision of medical care, “RX-140” is designed as a medical kit designed to preserve life, prevent harm, and promote recovery. Lending its aesthetic to computer-aided design processes, mimicking the natural harmony of humankind and nature, and the process of natural evolution. The crevasse, more literally, hints at lesions and wounds on surrounding tissue. “Skin deep”, it scars the surface separates the interior of the kit into four parts, each designated for a particular type of medication. The carved-like interior compartments references the formation of new collagen fibers to mend the damage, while the white and red colors are evidently, an ode to the century-old Red Cross symbol."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Diana Ibrahim and Marc Haddad

    "Marc Haddad founder of Designkultur
    Beirut-born Design Kultur is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Marc Haddad with an area of expertise encompassing architecture, product design, fashion design and digital arts. The studio’s ethos lends itself to its founder’s architectural background, computational skills, and enthusiasm for digital fabrication. Known for eccentric furniture accents and peculiar grandiosity, they continue to challenge the current design scene locally and regionally. Having set a cornerstone for innovative design and algorithmic thinking, the studio is currently expanding to Berlin and Dubai.

    Diana Ibrahim founder of +Arch
    Diana Ibrahim is the founder of +arch, a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm that she established in Lebanon in 1999. Her work is focused on residential projects, ranging from interior concepts for urban apartments, to the architecture of villas as well as full renovations for large scale estates.
    She consulted on a wide range of projects including hospitality, commercial and retail projects in Lebanon France, London, Abu Dhabi and the United States. She is known for her cutting-edge designs and signature style that continues to challenge existing and preconceived trends. Her firm’s projects were published in Mediterranean housing, a book by Links publishing, Barcelona, Spain.
    Diana was also a visiting professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB) School of Architecture, and at the Lebanese American University (LAU), department of liberal Arts. Prior to establishing her firm in Lebanon, she was a senior architect at Eisenman architects in NYC 1994 -98, and at Gabellini and Shepard in NYC 1998 -99. She was awarded credits on published material at both firms."

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    Diana Ibrahim and Marc Haddad

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    LOT 6

    Diana Ibrahim and Marc Haddad



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