LOT 68
Alisha Sofia
T’aguhi, 2019
Ground pigments from rock sediments, gouache, sumi ink on teas dyed paper
106.7 x 152.4 cm

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Courtesy of the Artist
Los Angeles, USA
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  • About Alisha Sofia

    Alisha Sofia's practice focuses on the female form as both creator and artifact of visual identity. Her subjects, partially or completely nude, are surrounded by a rich symbolic lexicon of foods, plants, and animals. Refusing objectification, they are calmly defiant: their power, strength, and intimate detail command engagement. Sofia's technical strength and command of her materials allows the subtleties of each personality to emerge from her paintings.

    In Queens of the Caucasus, Sofia draws from Byzantine masks, Greco-Roman sculptures, and living faces encountered in the Caucasus region. She gathered raw pigments, powdering and mixing them in the studio to create her palette. Terra cotta, rhyolite, greywacke, and charcoal create the silver necklaces, cypress, dates, and sea buckthorn adorning her subjects. These forms, often romanticized and sanitized for a Western audience, are revitalised through Sofia's insight as an Armenian American. Her heritage allows her to peer behind the traditional structured aesthetic to uncover a deeper understanding of the pagan roots of the region.

    Alisha Sofia, b.1987, Los Angeles, attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, completing her degree at Art Center College Design in 2009. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

    LOT 68
    Alisha Sofia

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    LOT 68

    Alisha Sofia



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