Ribal Molaeb exhibition image
10 June - 16 June, 2024

Ribal Molaeb

Ribal Molaeb captures the serenity and immaculate beauty of nature: the sunrise viewed from one’s home, the initial moments of optimism at daybreak with its gradual spectrum of hues. A mystical, undulating mountain. An unobstructed horizon illuminated yet firmly rooted, devoid of concerns. A canvas void of any superfluous elements, offering nothing but tranquillity.  

Ribal’s artistic focus lies in the interplay and equilibrium of lines, forms, and colour gradations, a trait influenced by his background in classical music that shapes his approach to painting. Just as classical music is abstract, Ribal’s painterly abstraction orchestrates a visual rhythm through tonal variations. For instance, Harmonic Composition III (2024) presents a large rectangular block in turquoise that dominates the composition, surrounded by similarly hued blocks, all applied with expressive brushstrokes using a painting knife. This echoes the gestural style of mid-twentieth-century Abstract Expressionism, with the resulting paint marks inviting the viewer to trace Ribal’s creative process directly on the canvas. Ribal’s translation of sound into visual forms renders colours as notes and melodies that imbue his work with dynamism. In what could therefore be considered energetic painterly compositions, there is a delicate balance of colours and shapes that are meticulously crafted with brushstrokes acting as musical tones.

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