13 January - 27 January, 2023

Art of the Hole and Lump

Artscoops is delighted to announce its first show for 2023 featuring a diverse selection of sculptures by 20 talented artists.

Titled ‘Art of the Hole and Lump’, the collective show takes its name from a quote by arguably the most famous sculptor of the modern era - Auguste Rodin.

The exhibition includes a fascinating array of pieces created in a variety of media, materials, and styles, from clay works incorporating calligraphy to abstract sculptures showcasing dynamic flowing lines. Other works include intriguing wooden pieces, complete with colourful illustrations, and a selection of figurative art, with protagonists in action and others deep in thought.

The featured artists are Alain Vassoyan, Arwa Seifeddine, Bassam Kyrillos, Bernard Ghanem, Elie Bourgély, Halim Jurdak, Issa Halloum, Jamil Molaeb, Joseph El Hourany, Joseph Harb, Karim Timmermans, Karine Hochar, Khaled Dawa, Margarita Matulian, Mustafa Ali, Nayla Kai Saroufim, Sabine Karam, Shahida Ahmed, Wissam Melhem, and Zouhair Dabbagh.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a work that combines creativity and collectability, while reminding us that ‘lumps’ can be crafted into objects of beauty in the right hands.

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