5th of July Through 28th of July, 2021

Figurative to Abstraction Alfred Basbous Show

The Alfred Basbous Foundation in collaboration with Artscoops will present from July 5th till July 28th Figurative to Abstraction, an exhibition dedicated to the work of the modernist Lebanese artist of the twentieth century: Alfred Basbous. The exhibition reveals the research of forms which demonstrates Basbous’ exploration of the relationship between form and material, alongside a selection of preparatory drawings and mixed media paintings which reveals his approach to sculpture. Alfred Basbous used to believe that Art prevailed throughout the years, he has never stopped to exhibit during the Lebanese war. His work was never affected by the terrible actions of war but always considered his work as a universal language to spread hope and beauty to the conscious of men. 

The foundation committee, faithful to Alfred’s positive hope of beauty and freedom, decided to release a focused selection that demonstrates the artistic aesthetic of Alfred’s, with the diverse medium used in the process of exploring the most beautiful form and shape. Alongside the preparatory drawing and the evolving research of shapes and lines from wood to metal to gibson, a glimpse of what will be shown in the foundation.

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