LOT 33
Rudy Rahme
نومِة رياحَه, 2020
65 x 50 x 30 cm

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About This Artwork

- مَـ  تْموت بالسّرعَه -

تْأنَّا كئنُّو زِغْرَك مْكَفِّي ..
ومِرتاح .. يِخلق عا مَهِل طَلْعَه ..!
يِمْشي فِيا .. وما تِقِتلو السِّرعَه 
يوصَل عا سَهل الرَّب .. وِبْيِكْفي
تْكَفِّي لـْ عْمِر  مع أهْلَك الجَّمْعه
وْلاحِق عا مَوتَك تِغْلُق الدَّرفِه 
من بَعِد طول العُمِر  عالصِّدفِه
وما تْموت أمَّك لابْسِه دَمْعَه
وتركُض وَراك تْبَوِّس الشَّمْعه
وتِركَع عا دمعا..وناسيِه الوقفِه
لـْ هَمّا حِمِل وَجْعات بالـْ مِقفِه
وْمَحْروق قَلْبا .. مْكَبَّش بـْ لَمْعه
لـْ عا فِرقْتَك .. 
وتْموت بالـ مِخْفِه .

- لـْ سرعَه مَوت لـْ غَير-
                      رودي رحْمِه

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Rudy Rahme

    Rudy Rahme is a Lebanese painter, sculptor and poet. He was born in Bcharre, north of Lebanon in 1967. He was the secretary of Gibran Khalil Gibran’s Committee for Culture and the President of the Cedars Forest Committee where he is still a member. He is the Founder and President of Azamil Al Alwan Association, a member of The Lebanese Sculptors and Painters Syndicate and a member of Darag Al Fan – DAG Association.,

    LOT 33
    Rudy Rahme
    نومِة رياحَه

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    LOT 33

    Rudy Rahme

    نومِة رياحَه


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