LOT 29
Nada Debs
Life Cabinet, 2021
Shifted French Oak Veneer in Geometric Pattern, and Contour Inlay of Motifs Using Stained Veneer and Mother of Pearl Outlined with Tin.
50 x 50 x 15 cm

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About This Artwork

"The “Life Cabinet” is a re-imagined medicine cabinet created to facilitate user access during times of emergency. 

The components of the first-aid kit are extracted and transformed into a colorful pattern applied on the surface of the cabinet using contour inlay; a craft technique developed

by Studio Nada Debs whereby stained veneers are inlayed into tin illustrations. 

The cabinet brings together a slow meditative craft with rapid relief."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Nada Debs

    Nada Debs is a Lebanese designer living and working in Beirut. Her work spans scale and discipline: from product and furniture design to one-off commissions across craft, art, fashion and interiors. What ties her work together is her ability to distil culture and craftsmanship to create pieces of emotional resonance. Nada grew up in Japan, studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States and has spent significant periods of time living and travelling the world, finding connections between different cultures. There is something of each of her experiences in all of her work. In essence, she captures the power of the human hand to tell stories that touch the heart. She calls her approach: handmade and heartmade.

    LOT 29
    Nada Debs
    Life Cabinet

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    LOT 29

    Nada Debs

    Life Cabinet


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