Hanibal Srouji (b. 1957)
“Contemplation of a New Order” – Cage series, 2020
acrylic on canvas
73 x 73 cm

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About This Artwork

"The Cage series started after the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York.  I was associated with “Triangle Workshop”, founded by the artist Sir Antony Caro, and the association occupied the 92nd floor of the left tower… Then again, I was, symbolically, affected and scarred by the event. ​Today, here in Beirut, we are still living the after effects of the traumatic explosion of the Port. Another blast, yet, life and hope endure …​This series address notions of violence and exile, which is a central theme in my work. Yet, the expression of the paintings remains that of an attempt to sublimate these lived “concepts”, by offering openings and spaces of contemplation. ​This work is dedicated to all those who have endured and continue…  " 

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Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Hanibal Srouji

    Born in Lebanon in 1957, Hanibal Srouji has been living between Beirut and Paris since 1989. He graduated from Concordia University in Canada with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Srouji has taught in many countries such as France, Canada, the United States, and is at present a Chair of Assistant Professor at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. Srouji’s work evokes the wounds of war and the damages of his country, keeping nevertheless an optimistic approach to it. His works’ surfaces are painted with an abstract subdued colour and shape combination.

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    There was an extra artwork, but it was removed from Artscoops.
    There was an extra artwork, but it was removed from Artscoops.
    LOT 3
    Hanibal Srouji
    “Contemplation of a New Order” – Cage series

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    LOT 3

    Hanibal Srouji

    “Contemplation of a New Order” – Cage series


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