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Walid El Masri (b. 1979)
Peacock, 2020
mixed media on canvas
100 x 81 cm
signed lower left

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Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville, France

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  • About Walid El Masri

    Lives in France 

    Through each series of paintings, artist Walid El Masri explores the infinite variations of a subject: "Every time you repeat a shape, you perceive it in a different way,” he says. “You draw a series of circles, each slightly different from the previous one." His depictions are less about the objects themselves and more about the possibility of transformation or rebirth that comes from paying close attention to that object over time. 

    Born in Syria, Lebanese artist Walid El Masri (1979) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus in 2005. After losing his father to a kidnapping and ransom, he stopped painting for some time. When he was able to restart again, he spontaneously painted a peacock, an homage to his father. 

    Walid El Masri’s selected solo exhibitions include at Europia Gallery, Paris; Ayyam Gallery, London, Jeddah, Damascus and Dubai; Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair; Art Hong Kong art fair; The Busan Museum of Art, South Korea and Samsung Blue Square, Seoul. He is also a member of the Caravane Culturelle Syrienne that creates cultural events across Europe. 

    LOT 50
    Walid El Masri

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    LOT 50

    Walid El Masri



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