Anas Homsi (b. 1987)
Reflections, 2015
mixed media on canvas
100 x 100 cm

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    About Anas Homsi

    Lives in Germany 

    When describing his work, artist Anas Homsi explains: “I try to capture the atmosphere of a memory, not a particular moment. Through the way I paint, I try to get back to that state of childhood – a bit spontaneous, without thinking about the result.” 

    Born in Damascus, Anas Homsi (1987) received a BA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University and a degree in Visual Communications from the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. Utilising a vibrant palette, Homsi uses gestural lines coupled with a lively application of paint to create scenes, portraits and abstract compositions. “My paintings are highly textured splashes and daubs of bright, almost luminous colours topped with roughly sketched figures… each painting is from a different daydream. I feel that the more layers I add, the more I give the painting an artistic value from my imagination and memory.” 

    Homsi has exhibited in Germany, Lebanon, the UAE, UK, Italy and Singapore at venues such as the Second Biennale of Modern Art in Santorini and the Fondazione Cini in Venice. 

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    Anas Homsi

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    Anas Homsi



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