27 October Through 05 November, 2020

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William Shakespeare once said: “The object of Art is to give life a shape

Art Li Beirut aims at helping shape life back into the streets and souls of Beirut. This auction aims at supporting “Revive Mar Mikhael”, a non-profit initiative started by a group of Lebanese entrepreneurs and expats after the 4th of August tragedy in Lebanon. Revive Mar Mikhael focuses on the most unprivileged micro-businesses and families affected by the explosion with a mission to revive souls and spread hope, along with rebuilding walls. Immediate action and tangible results, away from promises and bureaucracy are the key motto of this initiative.

Art goes hand in hand with life, beauty, complexity, elegance, mystery, vibrancy, energy, anger, intensity and many other mixed states and feelings. It goes hand in hand with our memories in Beirut streets; those beautiful streets vibrant and loud with people’s laughter and chitchats in different languages from around the world. We refuse the status-quo we have been destined to, and we are determined to revive our most beautiful neighborhoods.

We would like to thank the artists and galleries for helping us provide an opportunity for people to support rebuilding the Beirut we love, while acquiring beautiful and unique pieces of art.

We would also like to thank all volunteers, donors and supporters for all their contributions and help to rebuild people’s dreams and homes.

Donations can be made by overseas bank transfer (USD), overseas credit/debit card (USD) and cash (USD)
For Lebanese bidders desiring to pay in local USD cheques, please contact us first for more details.

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There was an extra artwork, but it was removed from Artscoops.

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