As a curated platform for MENA art, ArtScoops is proud of its core values, which are led by a desire to promote regional art and artists to the widest audience possible.

To achieve our aims, we:

  • Give maximum exposure and a fair deal to the wealth of talented contemporary artists working today in the MENA region.
  • Provide customers with a broad choice of authentic art at fair prices using a transparent and efficient process that includes a user-friendly, secure payment system.
  • Support the global art scene and other start-ups by teaming up with fellow galleries to participate in regional cultural fairs and exhibitions.

ArtScoops’ director Raya Mamarbachi said, “While our love of art lies at the heart of what we do, passion must be matched by practicality. To this end, our artists, buyers and partners can all rest assured that they will receive from us a service that is open, fair and friendly.”

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