23 February - 16 March, 2017
Summer At The Caspian by Firouz Farmanfarmaian

Artscoops presents
"Summer At The Caspian" by Firouz FarmanFarmaian

"In the Summer At The Caspian series, I worked on the forging of personal mythologies. Nostalgia of an unknown, or better said, of what was not to be known. Pre-revolution Iran and its contingencies, here brought to a personal family-related level, exploring the pre and post emotions of exile and its relation to memory and future.
I certainly have not witnessed the horrors of contemporary exile, as you can see I am not at this moment fleeing Alep in ruins. But the act of looking back on 30 years of exile has combined to structure a personal and creative rapport to the world, more consistently to the emotion of memory and the vision of my own future." - Firouz FarmanFarmaian

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