12th of December Through 3rd of January, 2020

Spotlight on: The Lebanese Revolution

With Lebanon at a monumental point in its history, ArtScoops is incredibly proud to introduce a timely collection of artworks inspired by the events of recent months just in time for the holidays.
Our ‘Spotlight on The Lebanese Revolution’ sale runs from Thursday December 12, 2019, to Friday January 3, 2020, and will feature a truly unique selection of works on this topical theme in various media, all of which make ideal souvenirs.
From a sea of red, green and white flags being waved by the masses in the iconic location of Martyrs’ Square to more intimate, contemplative figurative and symbolic pieces, the collection explores the historic people’s uprising of recent months through the eyes of each artist.
The talented artists whose work features in the sale are: Ihab Ahmad, Mansour El Habre, Darine Semaan, Nada Matta, Maroun Chaccour, Wael Hamadeh, Bassam Kyrillos, Hoda Baalbaki, Soha Ghandour, Layla Dagher, Simon Mhanna, Mona Nahleh, Helen Zughaib, Jessy Tabet, Pupa, Louma Rabah, Sahar Minkara, Rawia Zantout, Tamara Haddad, Saer Karam and Hala Dabaji.

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