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Private Collection

Arstscoops offers Private Collection for sale

Artscoops is delighted to be offering for the first time a sale of 20 artworks from a Private Collection by several leading modern and contemporary artists of Lebanese origin or who spent time in the country.

The collection of works by 15 artists has been specially curated for this sale by Louis Ragy and Artscoops.

Artists whose work is for sale include: Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui; Aref El Rayess; Assadour Bezdikian; Mohammad El Rawas; Raouf Rifai; Martha Hraoui; Laure Ghorayeb; Georges Cyr; Omran El Kaisi; Lucy Tutunjian; Lotti Adaimi; Samira Osseiran Junblatt; Seta Manoukian; Halim Jurdak; and Walid Nahle.

Art enthusiasts have a fantastic opportunity to choose from a diverse range of art spanning nude watercolours, lithographs and flowers and a Bekaa landscape in pastels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy a work which is rooted in Lebanon’s cultural legacy.

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