27th of May Through 9th of June, 2019

Omayma Soubra

ArtScoops is delighted to present a selection of works by the well-known Lebanese artist Omayma Soubra in our forthcoming online show which runs from May 27 to June 9.

Showcasing the artist’s signature delicate style and painstaking attention to detail, each piece features a silhouette of the female form, posed in intimate surroundings. And yet, in every case it is the décor or an accessory, whether a bracelet, scarf, ribbon or skirt, rather than its wearer, that is the focal point.

Each subject emits an air of contemplative languor as she sits or lies, draped across a bed or cushions in a way that would make these artworks ideal adornments for a variety of rooms and diverse styles.

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