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6 December - 8 December, 2022

Next Step... NFT

Artscoops is inaugurating its first show of non-fungible token (NFT) art show by Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists at its space in Beirut, with both unique digital assets and artworks in their original physical form available to buy.

The milestone exhibition ‘Next Step… NFT’ will showcase artworks by eight renowned contemporary Lebanese artists, seven of whom have had their work transformed into NFT form for the first time, and digital artworks by five exciting creatives, from Lebanon and abroad, working primarily in this field.

The show is organised in partnership with OasisX, a Lebanese start-up that has quickly carved a niche as the region’s first creative NFT studio and marketplace since its launch.

Taking the form of one-of-a-kind digital assets under the New Media umbrella, NFTs were inevitably met with caution and a degree of scepticism when they first arrived on the international art scene. Over time, however, NFT art has become increasingly popular, buoyed by high-profile sales. Today, it is an established category in its own right, with NFT artworks now routinely showcased alongside traditional genres at major fairs, prestigious auction houses and galleries worldwide. A combination of advancing digital technology, growing interest among collectors and rising numbers of emerging artists choosing to work in the New Media segments looks set to keep NFT art in the spotlight and on a strong growth path. 

The artists whose works are featured in their original form and as NFTs are: Willy Aractingi; Hussein Madi; Hanibal Srouji; Jamil Molaeb; Ribal Molaeb; Raouf Rifai; Liane Mathes Rabbath; and Halim Jurdak. In addition, it includes other talented artists working primarily in the digital sphere, namely: GingerPotter; Kristel Bechara; Shurooq Amin; Walid El Hajj; and SPAZ.

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