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6th of March Through 20th of March, 2018


Lutfi Romhein was born in Kraia, Syria, on September 22nd, 1954. Following his studies, he opens his own workshop in Damascus and executes sculptures with stone and wood, holding numerous exhibitions. In 1981, he earns a scholarship from the Italian consulate and travels to Carrara, Italy to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. His works have been exhibited in multiple cities in the Middle East (Damascus, Beirut, Amman, Dubai), Europe (Paris, London, Aix en Provence, Nice Imperia and more) and in Montreal, Canada. Many of Romhein’s monumental sculptures can be seen in Dubai, Washington, Damascus and Bahrain. Based in France for the past fourteen years, his work is fascinating with diversity in terms of the materials used as well as the mastered sculpting techniques and artistic styles he puts forward. 


Extract from the article « Le charme persuasif de la forme » (« The persuasive charm of the form »), by Claudio Guimelli, August 2001. (translated from French by Artscoops).

The relief of the form emerges as a distinctive quality of Lutfi Romhein’s œuvre. Through its fascinating quality, smooth and joyful, it surrenders captivating viewers. 
In his works, the artist depicts the human soul, investigative, like a dream. He is the intermediary propelling us into faraway landscapes, into sidereal spaces. A voracious sensor, he turns whichever element he collects into an object of mutation, of regeneration by virtue of its intrinsic spiritual value. Lutfi is an exemplary case of this relationship with the imaginary, with the faculty man has to communicate through images, through the use of varied materials and techniques, with creation as his sole purpose. 
Lutfi conjugates in his work oriental spirituality with the rational introspection of Western mind-sets. His sculpture expresses itself in a feeling of privacy and intimacy. It retrieves the ancient scent of silence, of dreamy dialogues and of symbols surrounding life with mystery. 

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