22nd of January Through 12th of February, 2020

Introducing New Talents of the Middle East

ArtScoops is delighted to announce the launch of its new show ‘Introducing New Talents of the Middle East’, which runs until February 12.

The show features a diverse and exciting mix of works by a group of contemporary artists from the region, all of whom are rapidly making a name for themselves on the international art scene.

Unsurprisingly, topical themes dominate this show, with the ongoing uprising in Lebanon and concept of reconciliation among the issues explored, while others pay homage to the country’s rural beauty or give ancient tales a fresh twist.

The artists featured in the show are: Karim Chehadeh; Tamara Haddad; Javad Karimi; Rawia Zantout; Corinne Martin; Sahar Minkara; Wael Hamadeh; Helen Zughaib; Noor Kawa; Ghida Younes; Tala Worrell; Wissam Al Shaabi; Sirine Fattouh; Soha Ghandour; Majd Kurdieh; Nevine Mattar; Iman Dabbous; Haibat Balaa; Ihab Ahmad; Aziz Anzabi; Deena Fadel; Mohammed Imad Mahouk; Sumayyah Samaha and Michelle Maluf.


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to brighten up your wall with a truly ‘of the moment’ piece of art!

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