30th of May Through 10th of August, 2019

In the Middle of a Leap Into the Void by Sirine Fattouh

The title of the exhibition evokes the menacing sensation when venturing in the complex interpretation of our dreams and repressed memories, emerging as symbols and representations in moments of self-reflection or sleep, here addressed by Sirine Fattouh in a variety of media and personal perspectives.

This especially commissioned exhibition marks Fattouh’s first gallery solo show in her native Beirut. The artist proposes to take the visitor into an act of daydreaming poetics through the terrain of her unconscious, revealing her relation to the night, the contradictory nature of her hometown, displacement and overbearing gender and social constructs. Set off as an intimate survey of self-discovery through defining experiences, visitors are invited to drift together with the artist, in the middle of a leap into the void as a decisive motive to challenge everyday conformism.