30 June - 14 July, 2022

Free Hatchlings

By Nada Matta


ArtScoops and Galerie Janine Rubeiz are delighted to announce a new show by the contemporary Lebanese-born artist Nada Mattawhich runs on the 30th of June till the 14th of July. 

The show will be exhibited in Artscoops office on the 30th of June with the presence of the artist from 4pm till 7pm. 

Artscoops office will be open for viewing till the 14th of July. Opening hours: Monday till Friday, 11 am to 5pm. 


Titled ‘Free Hatchlings’, the show explores themes related to sensory awakenings through a series of delicately crafted, sensual works in which human forms are created and presented, often entangled, in lush, natural surroundings.


Simple black outlines of bodies highlight an erotic pose, embrace or expressive gesture, in stark contrast to a colourful, fantastical backdrop of foliage and flowers, while the artist’s use of Chinese ink and gold and acrylic paper gives her pieces an added delicate dimension.


Born in Beirut, Matta is an ATEP graduate, having completed her global artistic formation at the A&F Chantraine School of Dance, in France. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to own a work by an artist whose work reminds us of the importance of being present and alive, and of drawing on our fighting spirit, when facing times of intense repression.

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