21st of September Through 21st of October, 2020

Calligraphy from the Arab World Online Show

ArtScoops is delighted to announce the launch of its next online show, titled ‘Calligraphy from the Arab World’, which runs from September 21 to October 21, 2020.

The featured artists are all leading talents working in this specialist field today, namely: Mohammed Imad Mahouk; Sabah Arbilli; Akil Ahmad; Mohammed Boustane; Larbi Cherkaoui; Younes Faghihi; Hamza Bounoua; Bahman Panahi; Tagelsir Hassan; Mouneer Al Shaarani; and Nasser Al Aswadi.

Viewers will find a delightful display of evocative, contrasting works, from precise, geometric pieces to others featuring sweeping, fluid brushstrokes or circles characterised by fading colour, which reflect the many ways in which artists choose to interpret and utilise Arabic letters to create art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy a beautifully emotive piece of art which takes expressiveness to a new level.

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