BUTTERFLY by Saad Yagan exhibition image
16 November - 28 November, 2017

BUTTERFLY by Saad Yagan

The butterfly, a recurrent theme in this online exhibition of Saad Yagan’s latest works, represents life and transformation. It symbolizes hope and is often attributed to resurrection.

A deeply socially engaged artist, the contemporary Syrian painter and sculptor depicts human beings and their emotions. His figurative portraits are filled with empathy, the questioning of identity, of the self versus the image we project. His iconic elongated figures express alienation, hardship and emotions people struggle with, yet shield from the public eye.
Through his art at the verge of surrealism, Yagan denounces this lack of awareness of people’s internal suffering with glows of hope and change. His inspiration lies in his native city of Aleppo where his expressionist style first developed and was, and still is, key to Syrian modernism.

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