ArtScoops and TEAL Editions to offer superb print series.

ArtScoops is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with TEAL Editions to offer an exclusive series of top-quality prints of artworks by the renowned Lebanese contemporary artists Hussein Madi, Mohammad El Rawas, and Samir Sayegh. 

As part of the collaboration, ArtScoops will be presenting a limited-edition selection of superbly produced prints on its online platform, showcasing ten paintings by Madi, El Rawas, and Sayegh.

Instantly recognizable as the work of these talented artists, the prints encompass a range of topics and themes, from Madi’s ‘Boats', complete with his hallmark bold use of color and primal lines, to El Rawas’s famed explorations of the female form, and Sayegh's transformation of Arabic calligraphy into universal signs and forms. 

Commenting, ArtScoops founder and CEO, Raya Mamarbachi, said she was delighted to be collaborating with TEAL Editions on what she described as an exciting new concept that was causing a buzz across the international art scene.

“We know that beautifully produced prints are fast becoming a talking point worldwide, especially amongst the upcoming generations of art lovers, who are keen to explore and acquire these pieces, whether in the form of seminal works by established artists or all-new digital creations,” she said. “I’m thrilled that we are offering people the opportunity to browse and buy these wonderful pieces and, at the same time, helping to raise the profile of this innovative idea in the MENA region.”
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