26th of November Through 12th of December, 2019

African Art Online Show

ArtScoops is thrilled to announce that it will be holding its first African Art Online Exhibition from November 26 through to December 17.
This landmark show, which marks a major development for us, will feature 24 works, ranging from painting, mixed media and collage to installation, by five leading contemporary Nigerian artists, namely: Duke Asidere; Rom Isichei; Suraj Adekola; Chidi Kwubiri; and Gerald Chukwuma.
In the work on display, the artists explore a broad range of themes, from loneliness and identity to migration and political repercussions, through a mix of vivid colour, dynamic activity and stylistic interpretation.
Spanning the figurative to the conceptual and abstract, viewers will find a wealth of art that is as diverse and rich as the continent from which it so clearly emanates.

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