15 September - 30 September, 2022

Abstract Dialogues

‘Abstract Dialogues’
By Aida Halloum

Artscoops is delighted to announce a new show by the contemporary Lebanese artist Aida Halloum, which runs until September 30, 2022.

The paintings on sale are delightful examples of the artist’s studies of nature-inspired subjects, brought to life in vibrant oils on canvas, from flowers in bloom gathered in a vase to a picturesque courtyard scene and an explosion of autumnal colours.

And yet, as the name of this show indicates, these works hint at other, less defined themes and topics, driven by emotion, such as the intriguing and elusive cactus, whose spikes and leaves appear to frame the work rather than dominate it, and the clouds that are as nebulous as those we catch sight of in the sky.

Aida Halloum studied at the Lebanese University, graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts, and lives in Arsal. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a work by an artist who has the ability to create art that is as uplifting and aesthetically pleasing as it is absorbing.

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