It is never too early and never to late to start collecting

Curate your own imaginary gallery.

Take the time to prepare your approach by discovering what kind of works appeal to you. Browse online, visit shows, exhibitions, museums, go to art fairs.

Listen to art professionals’ expertise.

Ask gallerists about their pieces and systematically check the price list. When you get a clearer idea about the artists who are significant to you, share your interest with professionals. They will extend your horizons driving you to more works that may echo your original selection and consolidate your understanding of the market.

Pick up your strategy.

If you want to derisk your assets opt for great values that you could eventually resell. Another strategy would be to invest in emerging artists that are supported by established galleries.

Purchase at the right price.

Always prefer to buy directly from galleries than during art fairs that charge them in return for high exposure. Be aware that you can negotiate with most galleries and knock up to 10% off the listed price. Depending on your country of residence you may benefit from tax breaks by acquiring Art. You happen to change your mind? Artscoops has a comfortable policy that allows you to return works.

Be engaged.

Some works may be essential to you but might not be easily to display or share with your peers. Committing with art has nothing to do with accessorizing your interior. It is eminently more valuable. You are investing in culture.

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