‘Helping Hand for Lebanon’ launches just in time for the holidays

‘Helping Hand for Lebanon’ launches just in time for the holidays

Founders of Carré d’Artistes Lebanon look to generous art lovers farther afield to support locals in need 

It’s a sad fact that many Lebanese citizens have made the difficult decision to relocate during the past two years, forced out by a series of crises that continue to make everyday life for thousands of those still living in the country a huge challenge. 

However, there’s no doubt that a high number of expats keep their homeland and the Lebanese suffering there close to their hearts, monitoring what’s happening back home regularly via news channels and social media. 

As the holiday season approaches, many Lebanese abroad, alongside others concerned about the situation in the country, will be keen to lend a helping hand to those in need, which is where Maria and Maissa Fatte, founders of Carré d’Artistes Lebanon, the leading art network’s first franchise in the Middle East, come in.

The mother-and-daughter team, together with their Gallery Manager Nadine Ghorra, have set about organising an online auction that enables expats and anyone else who’d like to help the Lebanese who are struggling, to do so, wherever they happen to be based right now, while simultaneously acquiring a delightful piece of art.

Titled ‘Helping Hand for Lebanon’, the auction takes place from December 7-14 on ArtScoops, a well-established online platform in Lebanon for art and collectibles from the region and beyond. A percentage of sales will go to Assameh Birth & Beyond, the Lebanese NGO which provides specialist medical care for premature babies and newborns on pediatric wards in governmental hospitals. The sale is being held in collaboration with both ArtScoops and the Kuwait-based NGO Give, which facilitates charitable payments worldwide. 

Maria explained that she and Maissa felt the Christmas season provided a timely opportunity to remind the world of the desperate situation many Lebanese continue to face on a daily basis, even if their suffering doesn’t always make the foreign news. “An online auction in the lead-up to the holidays seemed to be an ideal way of achieving our two aims, which are reaching more people abroad, especially expats, and helping Lebanese in need,” she said.

The auction features an extensive range of art by more than 30 international and local artists to suit all budgets and tastes, encompassing paintings, multi-media pieces and sculptures, all of which will make fantastic acquisitions or gifts.

Maissa explained that utilising the online platform ArtScoops and the latest digital tools available meant the Carré d’Artistes team had been able to extend their reach farther afield than otherwise, while still offering the key services that prospective buyers are looking for.

“Even if people are abroad, we can still easily organise a tailored, personal service over Zoom or WhatsApp to discuss an artwork and answer questions, for example, or arrange a digital tour or virtual viewing,” she said. “Other services we can offer include bidding on someone’s behalf, with shipping of purchases to be made easy, convenient and end-to-end. We can also show an artwork in person to a family member or friend at our homeware store in Ashrafieh, which is where the works featured in the auction are being kept.” 

The fact that Maria and Maissa are currently temporarily storing the art at the family shop is just one example of fallout from the crisis that engulfs so much of the country. Their art gallery in downtown Beirut was destroyed in the horrific blast at the Beirut Port on August 4, 2020 and the ongoing economic crisis has meant the once-thriving location remains too quiet to make reopening the premises viable for now. “Our plan is to relaunch when the time is right,” Maria said, with characteristic Lebanese optimism.

Against this challenging backdrop, both women admitted that selecting a charity for the auction was tough, given the number of worthy causes currently operating in Lebanon, but said Assameh Birth & Beyond felt like the right choice. “Their mission is that no child should be denied the medical service they deserve and that all underprivileged families should have access to the best level of care and treatment available,” she said. “However, while there is some help from the government, this is very limited, meaning the centre can’t survive without contributions from the private sector and individuals.”

On that note, and with the youngest members of society undoubtedly the most innocent victims of the complex and critical situation in Lebanon, anyone making a purchase in the ‘Helping Hand for Lebanon’ sale can rest assured that as well as acquiring a beautiful piece of art, their actions are helping an incredibly worthy cause.

‘Helping Hand for Lebanon’ is now live online on ArtScoops, with bidding running from December 7-14.

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