Encounter with Fulvio Codsi, Artist

Encounter with Fulvio Codsi, Artist

Artscoops Editors spoke to the artist about his art, what he was inspired by and his next projects....

Where you inspired by any artists when you started?

Yes and as a matter of fact I was very much inspired by comic artists at first, European ones in particular. That’s before I got into painting.

How do you conceive the subject of your paintings?

I usually start by drawing a small sketch with no particular idea in mind sometimes a face or a circle and develop around it until something starts to take shape.

What do you think about while your making a painting?

I am eager to see it finished, since I usually think that my latest work will be my best.

What is indispensible in your studio?

Music, I love music, I like to listen to ambient or instrumental tracks while working.

A lot of your artwork is based on female form. Why?

There is nothing more inspiring and beautiful than the female form.

Are you working on other projects now?

I have a few idea's in mind but right now I am not working on any of them, I cannot work on anything related to art if I don't feel it's the right moment, since I don't like to consider art as work.

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