Bridging the gap between MENA creatives and Web3

A launch event this month for OasisX, the region’s first creative NFT studio and marketplace, will highlight the key role that innovation can play in promoting inclusivity across the digital art scene and beyond

OasisX’s founders, Najib Khanafer, Ramzi Mneimneh and Jimi Ibrahim

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are fast gaining a reputation as a major disruptor across the global art and digital scene. Through NFTs, artists and creators are taking back ownership of their content and audience development. However, bringing their creations to fruition and reaching worldwide audiences can present challenges for up and coming digital artists and creators. 

As passionate supporters of creative talent, Najib Khanafer, Ramzi Mneimneh and Jimi Ibrahim took on the challenge of building secure and accessible tools to help artists and creators navigate the NFT and Web3 world. 

The team is set on building the tech foundation and digital frontier to empower regional communities and unlock new opportunities for artists, creators, brands and collectors. “We are highly focused on our values which are centered around innovation, community, support and inclusivity, especially in the MENA region where creative talent doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves,” Jimi explained. 

OasisX, MENA’s first creative NFT studio and marketplace, has already curated and onboarded more than 150 artists and will have its official launch on September 20th. The platform has also partnered with leading creatives and collective communities. One of the key advantages of OasisX is that it allows NFTs to be created, managed and minted at scale without a single line of code and at a highly reduced cost. 

“What we’ve done is bundle everything up - an art generator, a smart contract creator and minting page editor - in a one-stop-shop, with a user-friendly interface, dubbed ‘LaunchX’, which preserves true creative ownership and the provenance of the work,” Jimi explained.

The startup also recently launched a series of IRL events to expand creators’ exposure and raise awareness about NFTs and Web3, starting with NFT LB in Lebanon, the first NFT exhibition and conference powered by OasisX. The event on September 20th will celebrate the launch, unpacking the NFT segments to the audience and demonstrating the far-reaching capabilities of this technology. Multiple attractions, such as panels, short movies, VR experiences, live music and a digital art exhibition will be hosted during the event, which is already fully booked, with more than 250 people, including creators, NFT aficionados, digital art experts, seasoned collectors, brands, gallerists and curators expected to attend. 

The team stressed that they are not looking to replace traditional galleries in their work, but rather to partner with them, introduce this new medium of expression and expand their collector base. 

OasisX also aims to pave the way for a wave of brands venturing into Web3 to expand their digital offerings. “We’re trying to encourage industry players from the traditional art scene to enter this new space and explain how it has the potential to become an additional revenue stream,” Jimi explained. 

For more information, go to:

OasisX NFT

‘Bridging the gap between MENA creatives & Web3’
NFT Exhibition and Conference
Sodeco Square
Tuesday, September 20th, 2022, 5pm – 10.30pm

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