19 November - 23 November, 2018

Bidding closed

ArtScoops presents its Works on Paper II online auction featuring works by leading Lebanese artists, essential to your art collection, such as Shafic Abboud, Jamil Molaeb, Omar Onsi and Hussein Madi. Two delicate monochrome pastel on paper nudes, by Hassan Jouni, are offered as well as two expressive charcoal men portraits by Farid Aouad. 

Other highlights from the sale include an abstract, abundantly dark, work by late Iraqi icon Rafa Al-Nasiri and drawings by popular cartoonist artists like Fadi Baki and Ghassan Halwani, deriving from their works in the scope of the Samandal Magazine, a comics publication founded in Beirut in 2007. 


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There was an extra artwork, but it was removed from Artscoops.
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