24 January - 07 February, 2019

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“The lines that move from the corners of the heart with strokes and rhythms draw the basic concept for a painting. The simplicity and complexity of line that forms shapes can give a composition, a linear nature that I find technically appealing. It is modern yet complex.”

-    Samia Osseiran


To Samia Osseiran, there is no black or white, there is always shadow, colour, and realism, even in the most abstract and the most flat. She seeks depth in linear drawing, and seeks naivety in the most realistic of portraiture. For her, this is where the essence of art, and living, lies. 

Osseiran contemplates the rare harmony that is often found within the realist and the abstract, and focuses on the ephemeral space that exists between the two. She recalls “following an unknown light” and speaks of moving forces that exist beyond our understanding. She delves into notions such as the surreal, the fleeting, the unknown, and all of their dialectical harmonies, in a greater pursuit of truth.  




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