LOT 40
Zein Daouk
Tubaria Roseum, 2021
Glazed Stoneware 1200°C
46 x 30 cm

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Hala: +961 3 426 888 - Zeina: +961 3 446 655

About This Artwork

"When asked to participate in the RFL life box initiative, there is only one answer: YES
THE THIRD KINGDOM series brings to the forefront the elemental concept of symbiosis.
Fungi are the true masters of survival.
They bring life,
They sustain life,
They transform life.
They are the changers.
They carry within them the fundamental tools to heal."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Zein Daouk

    Based in Beirut, Zein Daouk is a multidisciplinary architect with an obsession for creating & a passion for ceramics. Her work embraces the dialogue that links disciplines by highlighting the fluid narrative between function & sculpture. She explores form by working with the four Elements; flowing Water stretches shapes into the Earth, Air commits them to form & Fire becomes the founding act that brings them to life. A harmonious combination of biomorphic forms emerge & push the sculptural vocabulary until the form becomes something mysterious & new. At the essence of her craft lies an insatiable curiosity to learn. “It takes a mind quiet enough to appreciate silent beauty, courage not to fear spontaneity, willingness to accept things as they are: graceful in their delicate asymmetry. It hinges upon the ability to slow down, to shift the balance from doing to being, to grasp the subtly graceful, the quietly sculptural… In the walls of clay forms, secrets unfold: nothing is finished & nothing is perfect; all is revealed as the clay peacefully flows & the muted words softly take form.”

    LOT 40
    Zein Daouk
    Tubaria Roseum

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    LOT 40

    Zein Daouk

    Tubaria Roseum


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