LOT 36
SPOCKDESIGN by Karim Chaya
Dr. Watson, 2021
Coat Hanger: Powder-Coated Bent Steel. Medical kit: Leather, Straps, Foam Filling, Reflective Strips
52 x 20 x 8 cm

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About This Artwork

"The notion of having the medical kit readily available in plain sight in an accessible part of the house led us to the idea of using Mr. Watson, the coat hanger (more on that later). 
Usually, a coat hanger is located in the entrance or hallway of a home – it would thus be within reach for everyone.

By partnering up the medical kit with our snazzy coat hanger, Mr. Watson, they each got their own upgrade – the former became a design piece, and Mr. Watson got a medical license.
Our Medkit does not stray far from its vernacular – unassuming, unpretentious, cool, and hoping it’ll never be called upon.

Hat and coat hanger made of bent steel with black powder-coated finish, carrying a custom-made medical kit which opens up while hanging from its docking station. The Medkit can also be carried away as a backpack for off-site interventions."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About SPOCKDESIGN by Karim Chaya

    "Started in 2001, Beirut-based design studio SPOCKCDESIGN encompasses experimentation, tinkering, and perhaps coming up with a few worthy ideas along the way. Focusing on process and research, as well as utilizing the talents of its designers and local craftspeople, in order to create all kinds of stuff—SPOCKCDESIGN has evolved into a dedicated design studio with a wealth of connections and partners in design, sourcing and fabrication. We believe in spontaneous, unforced and inspired design, whether we're working on a luxury commission or a public installation. Our projects are described as honest, fun and sensible, but above all— surprising."

    LOT 36
    SPOCKDESIGN by Karim Chaya
    Dr. Watson

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    LOT 36

    SPOCKDESIGN by Karim Chaya

    Dr. Watson


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