LOT 17
Henry Dakak Jr
Asclepius, 2021
The box is Made Out of Pine Wood Inlayed with Little Bronze Stars, and Lacquered with Blue Pigment. A Hand Carved Bronze Snake Lays on a Resin Pebble That is Fixed to The Top of The Box.
16.5 x 38 x 28 cm

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About This Artwork

"1- Tribute to my late grand mother
 When I was a kid, the first aid kit hiding in a medicine box, hanged in the bathroom forbidden to access it. With each scratch, it was the miracle box ...but hard to get.  Heterogeneous objects for me scattered here and there, in an ugly a box! Yet these objects were soft to the touch, healed wounds, and above all reassured. Just seeing them, the pain eased.
My late grand ma had her kit in the TV room. It was a beautiful handmade box covered with blue satin and embroidered with gold motives. 
Later when I started to work in the interiors, I did not see it any more. Probably still hidden in a cupboard in one of the corners of the house. I found it weird because it remains essential items such as a lamp or an ice bucket! 
When this opportunity to be able to create a beautiful home for the objects that saved me from pain and display them in broad daylight, within reach, it is a little out of recognition of the benefits of everyone’s lifetime.
2-Tribute to the entire medical profession
I salute everyone in the medical scene who proved to act with heroism during catastrophes and this is why I called my first aid kit “Asclepius”
Asclepius is the Greco Roman god of healing and the son of Apollo, venerated by the Greek community who had the cult of involving the use of snakes for healing.
Asclepius is the name of our first aid box for
H ealth
H ealing
D etermination
Because we live in a wonderful world certainly, but where the dangers threaten us at every moment... 
We must therefore be able to react, help and heal immediately."

Courtesy of the artist
Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Henry Dakak Jr

    Henry Dakak Jr. is a Lebanese designer based in Beirut. He founded HHD in 2010. Propelled by a sense of the avant-garde, his creations traverse past and present, traditional and contemporary styles. His work preserves the knowledge, essence, and value of master craftsmanship. Henry is known for his contemporary revival of techniques such as cabinetwork and ironwork in which he marries cold and warm materials, and high-end sophistication with raw material beauty. A firm believer that perfection comes from intuition, his work is defined by a continuous, unrelenting evolution. He creates in bursts of inspiration, creatively sourcing his material from used or derelict objects. In this second life, recycled objects and details are often estranged them from their original function and personalized–“given a soul” as he might say. All HHD designs may be custom-made, accommodating the individual tastes of his buyers. More than merely decorative items, HDD designs are time vessels that transcend different eras to merge the best of every epoch.

    LOT 17
    Henry Dakak Jr

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    LOT 17

    Henry Dakak Jr



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