LOT 44
Aleksey Manukyan
Bees for being , 2020
Canvas, propolis
100 x 90 cm

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About This Artwork

This series was created in the summer of 2020, during a pandemic that balances the complex relationships between nature and human beings. They are the result of the natural work of bees, where the artist acts as a passive observer and perceives bees as co-creators, with their typical social behavior.

Courtesy of the Artist
Gyumri, Armenia
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  • About Aleksey Manukyan

    Aleksey Manukyan lives and works in Gyumri. In 2008 he graduated from Gyumri State Academy of Fine Arts and started working in the social sphere as an art-therapist. Aleksey’s interest and continuous desire to develop art in Gyumri inspired him to create and cofound a number of artistic initiatives, such as the Gyumri Pad Val Gallery and the Art Zone open-air studio. He is also the co-founder of “5th Floor” creative group. Starting from 2008, Aleksey has taken part in a number of international projects and exhibitions: “10 meters” (Istanbul, Copenhagen, Nancy, Kars, Diyarbakir, Berlin, Lublin, Dresden, Brussel), Sushi Art Project in Artsakh (2012), Around Caucasus, Tequali (2012), Container multimedia documentary at the European Parliament in Brussels (2013), Standart Triennial of Contemporary Art in Armenia (2017), Exercises with Stones, international poster project Dresden, Kyoto (2019), Urban Utopias, Geneva Art Fair (2019) and Patterns of Work, Dresden (2020).

    LOT 44
    Aleksey Manukyan
    Bees for being

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    LOT 44

    Aleksey Manukyan

    Bees for being


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