Raouf Rifai (b. 1954)
BMW Art Car, 2021
2007 BMW Z4 Coupe
signed R.Rifai

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About This Artwork

In the second week of May 2021, the car was stripped of its original black paint, masked and prepared for the artist to start on the paintwork. High quality acrylic paints and sprays were used for the process.

Dr. Rifai started his work on May 10, 2021 at 10am. His idea was to split the car into four different themes. The two sides of the car were painted with his “Harmony” patch, while the lower panels were painted in green and purple, leaving the rear right wing with a pop art design, including several tiny ‘Darwiches’ in black over white and purple. The roof and side mirrors are in gold, with stripes of green and purple to accentuate the feeling of it cutting through the wind. His final big ‘Darwiche Smoking’ in different colours is applied on the hood over white and shades of pink, giving the car a truly stunning look from every angle.

Dr. Raouf finished his work at around 10pm on the same day. His signature can be seen on the left front side of the bumper and at the rear trunk lid . After leaving the paint to rest for three days, it was clear-coated with three layers of premium lacquer in an auto spray oven and left to rest for another week.

Since then, the car has been garage kept and never driven or shown to the public. The buyer will receive over 200 photos and videos documenting the complete process, from start to finish. The colours are stated on the title of the car and will be registered under the name of the new owner legally.

The car is available for viewing by appointment only.
For more information please call +961 (0)1 345 011.

BMW Art Car Catalogue

Private collection, Beirut.

Beirut, Lebanon
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  • About Raouf Rifai

    Born in Lebanon in 1954, Raouf Rifai studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut, where he gained a Bachelor’s degree in Decorative Art in 1982. He later attended the Sorbonne University in Paris, where he received a PhD in Urbanism in 1995. He taught for several years at the Department of Architecture and Design at the Lebanese University and is Vice President of the Association of Lebanese Artists.

    A figurative and Abstract painter who is also influenced by other styles, including Impressionism and Expressionism, Rifai describes the subject of his work as humanity in its entirety. A recurring motif in his art is the dervish, dynamic and created in bold vibrant colours, whose evolution reflects the   complicated tapestry of the ever-changing Middle Eastern societal landscape. Topical aspects relating to the environment and instability are often explored in his thought-provoking work.

    Rifai was awarded first prize at the Sursock Museum’s 2010 Salon d’Automne in Beirut. His work has been exhibited extensively over four decades, featuring in 70 public collections, including key biennales, 60 solo shows and high-profile auctions across the Middle East, Europe, the US and the Far East. It can also be found in public and private collections worldwide, including national museums, banks and universities. My Art's main subject is Humanity; it is nourished by story.

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    Raouf Rifai
    BMW Art Car

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    Raouf Rifai

    BMW Art Car


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