Past Auctions

  • Original Arabic Film Poster Auction
    1-14 December, 2016
    Artscoops online auction for cinema uncovers a series of incredibly interesting original posters promoting Egyptian and Lebanese films that date from the fifties and sixties as well as from the seventies and eighties.

    “Reminiscence of the golden age of the Egyptian and Lebanese cinema, the 10 posters plus, feature Faten Hamama in “The Miracle” 1962, Sabah in “This Man I love” 1960s, Omar Sharif in “My Love’s Fault” 1958 and other popular film stars of that period such as Zubayda Tharwat, Souad Husni, and others.”
  • Middle East Modern & Contemporary Sale
    11-25 October , 2016
    As an online platform specialising in MENA art, we pride ourselves on adopting a collaborative, transparent and innovative approach that makes the process of buying art from renowned and emerging artists easy and convenient. We believe live online auctions have a key role to play in the world of art e-commerce and are committed to holding them at regular intervals for our customers.
  • The Middle East Modern and Contemporary Auction
    09 April, 2016
    On sale works: from Jamil Molaeb, Paul Guiragossian, Etel Adnan, Hiba Kalache, Safwan Dahoul, Hassan Hajjaj, Rima Amyuni, Oussama Baalbaki and some 80 other contemporary artists.
Sumayyah Samaha

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Noureddine Daifallah

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