369 HUB



369 HUB is a creative hub, art gallery rooted in the center of Jeddah, a new location for art and culture.
We are dedicated to fostering Middle East and North Africa diverse and dynamic community, an endeavor to support and promote the visual arts and contemporary culture of the art world.

At 369 HUB, we define ourselves as a focal point for developing the creative community through partnerships with key local, regional and International artists, galleries and different art institutions.

We not only aim to support artists but also to diversify their palettes through our carefully curated multidisciplinary events that include art exhibitions, auctions, workshops, a speakers programme, film screenings, musical performances, symposiums and festivals.

369 HUB is a home for daring creativity and innovation.
Our vision is to create a space where ideas can merge and illuminate.

A place for knowledge - Sharing and celebration of contemporary culture and artistic experimentations.

We are passionate about creating new and inspiring opportunities for artists in the Kingdom and in the MENA art scene.

By means of clever global-facing strategies and heartfelt dedication to our community, we aim to showcase our artists to the largest international audience possible.

369 HUB is an art gallery, music venue and speaking platform, all combined into one exclusive location.


Mona Al Abdullah

Founder & Art Curator