19th of July Through 2nd of August, 2017



Beirut is a city of memories and contrasts. Its architecture, unique places and cosmopolitism are as much testimonies to its splendor as they are to its dark times.

Sumptuous monuments, imbued with historical value allude to happier times of which one can only be nostalgic. Likewise, bullet riddled buildings bear the scars of years of conflict.

Some structures are landmarks, embedded in the collective memory of the country. Through their edifices - some being partially destroyed - this consciousness offers two very different Lebanese realities:

Buildings remaining untouched, as though frozen in time as a reminder of the civil war- a praiseworthy paradox in a country that has a propensity for amnesia.

And another similar to contemporary Beirut, multiple skyscrapers and cutting-edge apartments (even if many remain unoccupied…) that convey its resilience- this capacity to stand up and get back to work, live again and rebuild with a continuously renewed energy.

- SK

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