Mohamed Al Faiomy
Fatakat, 2014
Sculpture made of bronze
Edition of 2/7
26 x 33 x 32 cm
Signed lower back

Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000
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Amman, Jordan.

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  • About Mohamed Al Faiomy

    Mohammed Saad Bakr Mohammed Rabie known as artist  Mohammed El Fayoumi, is a Egyptian Sculpture born 1963 in Fayoum
    He has an Industrial high school diploma, Diploma of Arabic calligraphy improvement , Bachelor of Agriculture Faculty, Open University and Studies in the liberal department, Faculty of Fine Arts.
    Member of The Syndicate of Fine Artists , Cairo Atelier, The theater club in the governorate, The amateur group at the Palace of Culture and a Member of Mahmoud Mukhtar Friends Association.
    He worked as a teacher in Industrial Education.

    He held several sole Exhibitions in Fayoum Governorate Club 1984, 1989, 1990, 1993, at Cairo Atelier 1993, in the Hall of candles 1995, Exhibitions atk the American company 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,at the Arts Complex, Zamalek, 1999, in the gallery (Mohammad Nagy) Cairo Patilia February 2009,and Exhibition (life and objects) in Zamalek Art Gallery in Zamalek October 2014.

     He held several Local group exhibitions, Collective exhibitions in Fayoum Governorate from 1982 till 1993,Second Youth Salon 1990, Fifth 1993, the seventh of 1995, Exhibition at Fayoum Culture Palace 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, Youth Management Exhibition 1989, 1993,Teachers Club Exhibition in Fayoum 1986,Police Officers Club Exhibition 1987,Youth Exhibition of the National Democratic Party 1992,- National Exhibition of Fine Arts (23), Exhibition of honored artists of the 10th Youth Salon 1998, Salon of Small Works of Art II 1998, Third 1999, Fourth 2000, National Exhibition of Fine (26,27,28), The first stone forum in Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum Museum, Cairo, 2005, First Sculpture Salon for Noble Materials at the Palace of Arts 2005, Festival of Fine Creation I (the general exhibition thirtieth and the first art market),Laila El Mahrousa exhibition with the castles of the castle September 2008, Egyptian Sculpture Panorama Exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery, November 2009,- Egyptian Sculpture Panorama Exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery, November 2009, Exhibition of Sculpture and Sculpture in Nahdet Misr Hall, Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum, December 2009,
    Exhibition (Statue) Egypt galleries Zamalek October 2011,Cairo Salon (56) for Fine Arts at the Arts Palace, March 2013,General Exhibition of Fine Arts (34,35,36,37,38,39) 2012-2017 ,(Sculpture Hymns) in the two areas (Nahdet Misr and Isis) Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center October 2016,exhibition (carving document) at the Hall of the (1718) October 2016,Exhibition (document carving) Hall Hamid Oweis Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria, January 2017, Exhibition (MASTERPEICES XVI) at the Zamalek Art Gallery July 2017, Exhibition (a very special dialogue) at the Moroccan Gallery in Zamalek September 2017. (Guest Honor),Exhibition (magic sculpture) Gallery Khan Maghraby February 2018 (guest of honor),Exhibition (Age Sculpture) Alkheila Gallery March 2018 and Second Sculpture Salon at the Arts Palace.
    He participated in International Collective Exhibitions / External Exhibitions Third Cairo International Biennial of Ceramics 1996, Exhibition in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates , 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics 2000,18th Gabarovo Biennale, Bulgaria 2007,Fifth Beijing International Biennial China 2008, Cultural Week Exhibition in Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2010,International pottery forum 11th session in Fayoum,- The Arab artists' fingerprints exhibition - Eleventh Cairo - July 2016.
     Local and international encyclopedias inscribed with the name of the artist, Encyclopedia of Youth Salon, Part II, prepared by critic / Mohamed Hamza, 2002, by Fine Arts Sector.
     Awards, Fayoum Culture Palace Award 1986,Youth Management Award 1989. Third prize of the fifth Youth Salon 1993,Third prize of the 7th Youth Salon 1995, Certificate of Merit and Commemorative Medal from the National Exhibition Session (23) 1993 and Session (26) 1999,Honor certificate from the Fayoum Literary Conference 1998,Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition from the General Authority for Culture Palaces 1998,Obtained several certificates of appreciation from the Mukhtar Museum,  First prize of the 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics 2000, Certificate of Appreciation from the First Sculpture Symposium in Bahrain,and  Certificate of Appreciation from Lebanon.

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    Mohamed Al Faiomy


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